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The Salle des Soins du Batîment 7 is seeking a practitioner for a temporary opening in our treatment room.

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We are seeking a practitioner who is aligned with the values of the Salle des Soins du B7 and with Tiger Lotus Coopérative, the organization that founded the initiative. By renting a space at Batîment 7 the practitioner would also be responsible for participating in the functioning of Batiment 7 and participation in the Community Healing Days initiative.

About the Salle de soins du B7

We believe that complementary medicines and techniques are part of a broader understanding of health in society and that they should be accessible to everyone. As a practitioner in Batiment 7, we organize the Community Healing Days where therapeutic sessions are offered monthly at reduced rates to give access to our local community. We are also developing work with organizations to provide free care to marginalized populations.


About Tiger Lotus Coop


The Salle des Soins du Batîment 7 is an initiative that came out of Tiger Lotus Coopérative. TLC is a healing and wellness worker's coopérative centred on the uterus. 

Tiger Lotus Coop was founded on the principles of reproductive justice and trauma informed care. We aim to create a safe space for our patients that acknowledges the potential for history of sexual violence, violence in the healthcare system or in previous therapeutic settings. 

Our practice is specifically focused on, but not limited to, the female reproductive system and trans health. We work continuously to deepen our knowledge and experience working with these specializations. We believe our own body is its best healer and we aim to give tools to our patients to take their healthcare via knowledge and physical exercises, into their own hands.


Finally, our mission is to make holistic care accessible to all, especially the most marginalized. Currently, our healthcare system favours allopathic medicine, including pills and surgeries. We aim to make gentler, more prevention focused medicines available to the general public and move them out of their current status as a luxury good.