healing days

To acknowledge and shed light on the current and ever-increasing inequality gap, the privatization of our healthcare services and a rapidly deteriorating health care system, through direct action, we will attempt to bring about a more positive outlook, transformative mindset and progressive model to the community’s and the individual’s health and well-being needs. We understand the body's best healer is itself. We gently invite the body to rediscover equilibrium and return to optimal health.


Likewise, in a larger picture, we are here to gently encourage society to return to a model of healthcare where everyone has access to a broad range and choice of complementary therapies working together with the individual to promote wellness, instead of an approach that uses pills and surgeries as a first option, instead of a last resort.


It is with this mandate and intention that we bring you Community Healing Days, where complementary health practitioners in the community offer their time and skills free of charge, bridging the gap that exists between private and public health models. Every month we encourage a different population to benefit from our services.

Community Healing Days is an initiative of Tiger Lotus Coop and PhysioAlternative

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All in person dates cancelled until further notice to accommodate efforts to reduce the impact of COVID-19. 

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Do you face barriers accessing complementary healthcare and support? Are you facing difficulty with self isolation or social distancing? Are you needing support for you health? Given the current crisis surrounding COVID-19, Community Healing Days is moving our sessions online to continue to support our community in the best way we can.

Monday, March 23, 10-4:30pm (we aim to make this a weekly occurence, stay tuned here or on our website)
Sessions are 15-30 minutes long and are available in French, English, Spanish or Chinese.


*All welcome. Priority given to low income. Donations are welcome via etransfer to


Souhaitez-vous recevoir une séance thérapeutique abordable? Avez-vous des difficultés à vous isoler ou à vous éloigner de la société? Avez-vous besoin de soutien pour votre santé? Compte tenu de la crise actuelle entourant COVID-19, les Journées de guérison communautaire déplacent nos séances en ligne pour continuer à soutenir notre communauté de la meilleure façon possible.

Lundi 23 mars, 10h-16h30 Les séances durent de 15 à 30 minutes et sont disponibles en français, anglais, espagnol ou chinois.
*(nous visons à en faire une occurrence hebdomadaire, restez à l'écoute ici ou sur notre site Web)


**Tous les bienvenus. Priorité donnée aux faibles revenus. Les dons sont les bienvenus par virement électronique à la