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healing days

To acknowledge and shed light on the current and ever-increasing inequality gap, the increasingly privatized and deteriorating health care system, through direct action, we will attempt to bring about a more positive outlook, transformative mindset and progressive model to the community’s and the individual’s health and well-being needs. We understand the body's best healer is itself. We gently invite the body to rediscover equilibrium and return to optimal health.

Likewise, we are here to gently encourage society to return to a model of healthcare where everyone has access to a broad range of complementary therapies working together with the individual to promote wellness, instead of an approach that last resort options like pharmaceuticals and surgeries as a first option.

It is with this mandate and intention that we bring you Community Healing Days, where complementary health practitioners in the community offer their time and skills, bridging the gap that exists between private and public health models. 

With financial support from SHIFT Concordia, we are now able to offer participants the opportunity to give feedback on healthcare in Quebec and contribute to more integrated healthcare. We are gathering perspectives from participants on their unmet healthcare needs and how the Community Healing Days model serves them. This information will be made public in Fall of 2023 and use to advocate for preventative and traditional care to be more central to Quebec's healthcare system.

Community Healing Days


What is Community Healing Days?

Community Healing Days is a project created and sustained by a loose collective of alternative and traditional therapists over the last five years. Therapists come together in one space or travel to community organizations to offer free or by donation services to those with low income or otherwise face barriers accessing alternative healthcare. At the same time, we advocate for this care to be integrated into the public healthcare system. 


There are two versions of Community Healing Days. The first is directly partnered with community organizations that serve marginalized populations. These organizations are responsible for booking participants and all services are free of charge. The second day is open to the community-at-large and is by donation, $10-50 sliding scale. 

What is "very low income"?

Income and wealth are relative. When determining if you are very low income, please consider the following:

- do you have dependents?

- do you have generational wealth?

- are you able to afford massage therapy or other types of therapy?

- do you have insurance? 

- do you face other barriers to accessing care? 

- if you ran out of money do you have people to bail you out?

- do you have debt?

-do you own property?

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How to book a session?

Book a session here

We will get back to you with a suggested time and therapists. You will send us back a confirmation. You will receive a confirmation email with all the details.  

The donations are CASH ONLY, please come with $10-50 cash. (Donations are anonymous, so we will not know what amount you leave.)

Our by donation clinic is in the Plateau at Studio 414, 10 ave des Pins West. Come 10 minutes prior to your appointment. 

What is the Community Healing Days research component?


Community Healing Days has been an advocacy tool for integrated healthcare in Quebec. This year, after receiving generous funding from SHIFT Concordia, participants are able to contribute to the research. We are inviting all participants to share information on your unmet healthcare needs and the impact of receiving free or affordable by donation alternative traditional care. Our hope is that Community Healing Days will serve as a pilot project and can grow as a sustainable clinic model across Quebec. 

How can I participate in Community Healing Days as a Therapist?


Please fill out our therapist form. We will add you to our database and be in touch about how to sign up for upcoming sessions. More details on the form, linked here.


Building Accessibility

There are 6 stairs leading into the building. There is a large, freight elevator at the end of the entrance hallway on your left. The bathroom is not wheelchair accessible in the space, but there is access to one on the main floor.


We ask people keep the space scent free.

Our therapists will receive training in trauma informed care and inclusive care. Most therapists already have this training from other sources and are part of this project because of a deep commitment to social justice.

What measures are in place to address on-going pandemics?

We are currently living through multiple pandemics, specifically Monkeypox and COVID variants. Our Community Healing Space at 10 ave des Pins West has a dedicated ventilation system in all three private rooms, a Mila HEPA filter and multiple fans and ability to open windows (even in winter because of an overactive central heating system). 

Masks are recommended but currently are not enforceable. 


If you have any symptoms of COVID 19 or Monkeypox’s (or any other potentially contagious condition), we ask you not to come to your appointment. Please send us a message to cancel.

Who are our therapists?

You can meet our therapists and supporting team here.

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