passion for healing

Tiger Lotus Coop (TLC) is a healing and wellness center made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds to better serve people from diverse backgrounds. We offer educational workshops for the body and spirit and therapeutic treatments geared towards people who have or have had a uterus, vulva, cervix and/or ovaries.

Our vision is providing a space where people can gather, share and learn new knowledge and lost arts, all the while creating a strong, trusting community

tiger lotus team


This is a project of love and we are firmly rooted in the community. Our vision is to keep it real and serve those of us who are falling prey to the stresses of modern society and the physical manifestations of that stress. We are convinced of what more and more research is telling us: isolation will kill you.

Many of us have known each other for years. We followed our own paths and it is here that they have converged: we are activists working for social justice, a researcher looking at social isolation, maternal health and resilience, a doula, a published writer, a massage therapist, an Arvigo Therapy practitioner--and mamas. We are modern day witches, using passed down knowledges and a profound desire to heal.


Come to us with your ideas, your woes, your joys, your painful periods, your fertility struggles, your transitions into and out of your menstrual cycle, with your visions, your love and your fear. Our door is open, the tea is warm, and we are ready to listen and hold space for you.  

Tiger Lotus Cooperative

a healing and wellness centre offering tender loving care