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The Concordia Menstrual, Reproductive & Trans ScarWork clinic centers holistic health for gender minorities. 


This clinic centers a trauma aware approach that empowers folks with the tools to connect to the inherent wisdom of our bodies.

November 6 & 7 


Hall 7-11 CSU Conference Rooms 

Sliding scale $20-40 

This clinic is open to students, faculty and staff at Concordia. 


The Concordia Menstrual, Reproductive & Trans ScarWork Clinic is a joint project between Concordia Student Union,  the Gender Health Hub, Tiger Lotus Coop, Healing Resistance Bodywork & Community Healing Days and the Gender Health Hub


The Gender Health Hub is a project by the Concordia Student Union that connects students to a vibrant network of holistic, feminist and trans-inclusive health and wellness services. The GHH seeks to provide free and low-barrier access to menstrual & sexual health and gender-affirming materials, facilitate clinics and support groups, as well as to provide support services for people trying to navigate the many barriers of the health system.

with: Courtney Kirkby, Tiger Lotus Coop

for: Menstrual & Reproductive Consultation & Abdominal Massage for:  

  • PCOS, endo, fibroids

  • Painful / irregular periods, PMS, PMDD 

  • Perinatal and perimenopause 

  • Fertility & preconception health

with: Manna, Healing Resistance

for: Reproductive & Trans ScarWork

Scar healing post:

  • Transmasc top surgery

  • C- Sections

  • Endo, Hysto & Myoectomy surgery

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