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Birth and Postpartum Doula Services 


If you are curious about having a Tiger Lotus Doula for your upcoming birth, contact us at for rates and more information. We always offer you an opportunity to meet us for first coffee or tea free of charge to see if we are a right fit for you and ask any questions before deciding to hire us.




a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible

-DONA international 

TLC was founded on the concept of the full spectrum doula - looking at the need for physical and emotional support through different transitions in life.


In pregnancy and birth we provide physical and emotional support alongside education from pregnancy through to the postpartum period. We answer questions about pregnancy, labour, breastfeeding and the postpartum period, prepare with you for pain management and expectations around labour, inform you about your choices, refer you to other practitioners and services when needed, and offer massage for relaxation, circulation and to ensure the health of the uterus, and teas. We provide continuous support during labour.

Our doula is a Registered Massage Therapist, Arvigo® Practitioner and trained in Spinning Babies. We focus on uterus health at all stages, including preconception, preparing for an optimal labour and postpartum healing.

This is a unique time in a person and family's life. Joys and challenges alike, we are there beside you.

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