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Meet Our Community Healing Practitioners

Practitioners provide treatments on a volunteer and stipend basis as a service to our community. We are working within a vision of healthcare where income is not a determinant for receiving complementary or alternative care.


If you are able to afford treatments, we encourage you to book with our team to further encourage and support the work we are doing to provide a free clinic. You will find therapist contact information below their bio.  

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Healing Resistanc, holistic & remedial massage, Scarwork ( specialising in top surgery & c-sections) 

Manna is a queer massage and scarwork therapist whose work holds space for & centres those experiencing or resisting oppression & those working towards collective liberation. Her⁠ bodywork practice that is rooted in the political, retaining a commitment to understand the complexity of how our social political environment impacts our health & nervous systems, and how essential it is to facilitate release of trauma responses in our bodies. ⁠Her practice is consent led, trauma aware, queer, trans & sex worker inclusive. 




Crainosacral Therapy, Homeopathy

Millie is the cofounder of The Family Care Collective, an organization that works in advocacy & education for vulnerable communities, with a focus on perinatal mental health. She will be offering craniosacral therapy ( orienting to the individual needs of each client & gently supporting ongoing processes. 




Massage Therapy

Wanda is first generation Nicaraguan and half second generation Polish. Their a Massage Therapist since 2021 that practices Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology and Shiatsu. They believe in making Massage Therapy accessible to radicalized folks and offering space to heal body and spirit. Focusing on healing the BIPOC community within. 



Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Do you suffer from chronic pain or tensions in the upper back and neck area? From your shoulders to hands because of computer work? Maybe the lower back? Renaud will help you to breathe better and more deeply, working with your pain, not against it.It will be a chair massage session.More about Renaud:

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Support Coordinator

Suparna Choudhury is Co-Founder of the Family Care Collective and Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the Culture, Mind & Brain Program at the Division of Social & Transcultural Psychiatry, McGill University. Her research is at the intersection of cognitive neuroscience and anthropology.

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Naturopathy/Homeopathy, Massage Therapy, Therapeutic Yoga-Meditation

Sonia Osorio has a Master’s level training homeopathic medicine and naturopathy. She is also a massage therapist and a certified yoga instructor and meditation practitioner with over 20-years’ experience in mind-body approaches to health and well-being. For several years, Sonia worked as a writer and editor in medical and health care publishing, and she has also helped develop and facilitate teaching curricula for various organizations. She has worked with individuals in areas related to physical and emotional trauma, addiction, women’s health, and gender issues. Her work is individualized and collaborative, encouraging us to broaden our perspective of what constitutes well-being – for ourselves and for our communities. Contact:

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Massage Therapist

Kota [they/she] offers personalized blended Swedish massage sessions, centering the needs of gender and sexuality-subversive community and others living at the margins. Their practice is informed by experience in both clinical and spa settings as well as their background in politicized peer-based support work, full-spectrum doula work and popular education. Kota's offerings are guided by the principles of: Holistic access - Bodily autonomy - Informed consent - Trauma-awareness - Harm reduction. 

You can find Kota at

and @soulskin.bodywork



Thai Yoga & Abdominal Massage

Courtney envisions a future that centres around the uterus. Her experience as a massage therapist, doula and community activist have all led her to work with and honour the sacred organ and our creative centre: the uterus. She specializes in reproductive health and justice, and digestive issues.


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Massage Therapy

Chamille is a bodyworker based in Montreal. They use Swedish Massage, Reflexology and more techniques.


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Support Coordinator

Lindsay is a project assistant at the Family Care Collective. She is currently attending Concordia University pursuing an undergraduate degree in Psychology, with minor in Diversity in the Contemporary World.

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Acupressure and Reflexology

Sally Lee is a mother to her 4 years old daughter, a certified acupressure, massage and yoga therapist. Also, she teaches pre&postnatal yoga classes, offers baby massage course and a gentle and natural birthing workshop to new parents and new parents-to-be. Sally believes the body consists of living wisdom and healing ability to attune itself to a balance. 



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Heather is a clinical herbalist-naturopath and has worked as a herbalist and community worker since

2008.  She combines her science-based background with traditional western herbalism to treat a wide range on conditions using plants, with a focus on the nervous and digestive systems. Using a trauma-informed approach, she offers individual consultations as well as group workshops and
maintain a medicinal garden and dispensary. 

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