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vagina-making workshop

Organize a Workshop


Workshops can be given at community centres, in the classroom or for private groups. Materials are provided. The optimal is to organize the workshop over two to three sessions of two hours each.


Cost varies depending on group size and number of sessions. Email for more information.


Papier Mache Vaginas


In a world full of phallic symbols, we could use a little more vulva. The vagina has been traditionally hidden from view, tucked away in a pair of underwear and squished between a pair of thighs.


With a giant vagina puppet-making workshop, learn basic papier mache techniques and create the giant vagina your subconscious has been dreaming of. The workshop also offers a brief history of puppets and vaginas. No experience if any kind needed, just an open mind.

With loud, joyous gestures they reclaimed the vagina as something to be celebrated in its beauty...Resisting and deconstructing cultural norms is a painstaking exercise in patience; but this workshop opened a space to build not only highly provocative and beautiful mantelpiece hangings, but also the foundations of an artistic resistance.


This workshop was valuable in bringing such blatantly ignored topics to the fore, and it has left me—and the other nine women, I’m sure—with a lot to ponder.

I enjoyed the workshop.

Danika Desforges-Bell

Participant, Toronto

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