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Who We Are

Tiger Lotus Collective is a wellness centre offering tender loving care and education. We are practitioners and educators in Montreal passionate about healing in its many forms. The health care system, with its narrow scope of treatments and overburdened hospitals and clinics, is unequipped to deal with physical and psychological issues that impact women and trans people. We focus on providing a preventative instead of curative model of health care and try to educate about our bodies and spirits, and how best to care for them in the day-to-day.

Many of the problems, from painful menstruation to body pain and infertility, come from the reality of our society, which is rushed, stressful, focused on productivity and money. As a collective, we work to relieve stress, depression, anxiety and chronic pain, by creating a healing space where your body can use its own internal resources to heal itself.

We offer educational workshops and resources for health on the mental, spiritual and physical planes.

We are in the process of forming a cooperative. We believe in having a democratic, non-hierarchical structure, where responsibility, decisions and profits are shared. We only have to answer to ourselves, thus giving us freedom and flexibility to serve the needs of those who access our services. By sharing our costs, we can offer well priced massages, while still earning a living wage. Through our cooperation, we offer a wider variety of services to meet diverse needs and have access to a wider network. We skillshare within the collective to constantly improve our capacities.

We aim to change to the perception of massage and similar treatments as a luxury good to an essential healing modality that is accessible to all classes of society. We use a community-based model. Every massage will see a portion of the revenue go back into the cooperative to fund massages for individuals who have never had a massage or cannot access them due to barriers like class, race and mental health. We aim to connect to populations through shelters and other community resources and encourage individuals to approach us.

We are the first worker's cooperative of our kind in Canada.


Come and get to know us!


We invite you to come out to our events. We often host 5 à 7s, workshop series and panels. 

If you are a practitioner, we invite you to come out to our Community Healing Days and inquire about offering your services. You can find out more here:

Going forward, we will have other opportunities to be involved in campaigns around reproductive justice, accessible health care and more. 

We are also always open to the possibility of co-sponsoring events and hosting workshops. Have an idea for a workshop you would like to give, or you would like to invite us to give a workshop at your organization? Let us know.


Stay tuned for hiring opportunities in the next year or so. As a worker coop, the first step is being involved in the coop for a minimum of six months, at which point, you can apply to be a full worker member. 

Are you interested in joining Tiger Lotus Coop?

Meet the Team

Amanda is Certified in Thai Yoga Massage practitioner hailing from Brazil. In Brazil, Amanda worked as a linguist with indigenous communities in the Amazon. Amanda is also a practicer of Zen meditation and yoga.    

Bianca Mugyenyi

Bianca Mugyenyi is an activist and author based in Montreal who has spent the past decade and a half organizing with a wide spectrum of social justice collectives, organizations and projects. She is Co-Executive Director of The Leap ( and formerly chaired the Canadian Federation of Students-Quebec. Before joining the Leap team to help coordinate the launch of the Leap Manifesto in Canada, Bianca coordinated Programming and Campaigns at the Centre for Gender Advocacy. Bianca is co-author of the book "Stop Signs".

Montreal, Quebec

Courtney is a Registered Massage Therapist trained in Thai Yoga Massage and prenatal massage. She is also an Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage® Practitioner, and birth and postpartum Doula. Her interest is working with individuals at all stages of life to improve everything from experiences with menstruation to menopause. 

Courtney is also a papier mache and sound artist, a teacher at a mental health community centre and a radio documentary maker. She offers workshops in making papier mache vulvas and exploring our relationships to ourselves and the world through our vulvas.

To read testimonials for Courtney and more about her experience, check out her website the Womb Project!

Émilie Breton

Émilie has been practicing traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts for almost 10 years. She graduated from Rosemont College in acupuncture, Tuina (chinese bodywork) from the Montreal Gongfu Research Center and certified martial arts instructor and Qigong with the North American Tang Shou Tao Association. 


Montreal, Quebec

Leonora King

Leonora completed a Masters degree in Psychiatry at McGill University, researching various aspects of maternal health and she is now in the process of completing her PhD where her research focus continues to be maternal health. Leonora is passionate about learning and accordingly, she is dedicated to passing on what she has learned to the community. She feels an obligation to make academic knowledge more accessible and is concerned about the increasing isolation that is inflicting our society. Leonora shares our mandate to empower women through knowledge, education, community support and self-care.

Montreal, Quebec

Maya Khamala spent 6 years as a community organizer at Montreal’s Centre for Gender Advocacy where her focus was on providing support for families of missing and murdered native women and girls, as well as on popular education events about a variety of reproductive justice issues that primarily affect women of colour. She completed both her BA and MA in English Literature and Creative Writing at Concordia University, and today works as a freelance copywriter, journalist, and editor, while moving toward completing her first collection of poetry. Women’s health and their unimpeded access to appropriate services is one her greatest passions. She is interested in the relationship between creativity and reproductive health.

Check out Khamala Copy to get even more of Maya. ;)

Montreal, Quebec

Millie is a birth and postpartum Doula, a perinatal mental health advocate and a homeopath. She will be offering craniosacral therapy (
Her objective is to orient to your own innate health and well-being and gently witness the body’s unique unfolding which holding a space of complete acceptance; a space where all of you is welcome.


Montreal, Quebec

Rose Marie Whalley

Long time feminist activist, Rose Marie Whalley, spent decades teaching adults facing different social barriers in Montreal. She is long time host and producer of CKUT radio program, Older Women Live.  Now retired, she dedicates herself to her radio documentary projects, activism to create a better future for the next generations, grandmothering and is the resident elder at the Tiger Lotus Coop.

Montreal, Quebec

Sonia Osorio has a Master's level training homeopathic medicine (DHom), and is a Naturopath (ND), and a registered massage therapist (RMT) and certified yoga instructor (CYT) with 20 years experience in these fields. Sonia has completed several advanced teacher-trainings in Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga, studying with senior teachers in these traditions, including Sri K. Patthabi Jois, Richard Freeman, Ramanand Patel, and Mukesh Desai. She has also studied mindfulness practices with Zen Buddhist master Thich Naht Hanh, and continues to deepen her meditation practice and teaching with the guidance and support of Ken McLeod. For several years, Sonia worked as a writer and editor in medical and health care publishing, and she has also helped develop and facilitate teaching curricula for various mind-body training programs. Her approach is both practical and experiential, and she enjoys working with experienced practitioners in issues related to practice and teaching. 

Montreal, Quebec

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